When you’re a homeowner, roofing projects are inevitable and ultimately keep your home protected from local weather hazards. However, the process of getting this work done can be anything but smooth, and you’ll often need as much help as you can get. It’s for these reasons that renting a dumpster can literally take a load off of your shoulders. Here’s how to find the right dumpster rental size for your roofing projects.

Pick Your Project Category

Overall, dumpster rentals are extremely versatile and can be used for several projects—including roofing. Even roofing projects can be broken up by size, and it’s crucial that you know your job’s scale before you think about finding a dumpster that caters to it. Roofing can be done during large construction projects, residential renovations, or commercial upgrading. Knowing which one matches your project best will help determine how much debris you’ll have to dispose of.

Determine the Type of Shingles

Each different type, material, and design of shingle varies in both size and weight between one another. These factors are important when determining how much you need your dumpster to handle. While there several shingle types, three-tab and architectural shingles are the most common. Three-tab are more traditional and are typically lighter in weight but larger in size. Architectural shingles, on the other hand, are smaller but weigh significantly more.

Measure Weight Per Roofing Square

When referring to roofing tiles, a square is a measurement unit that is equivalent to three bundles of tiles. If your rental dumpster has a weight limit, this will often be listed in how many squares of tiles that dumpster can handle. Because of this, it’s important that you have a general idea of how many squares of space you’ll need, and how much those squares weigh, before you commit to a size.

Find What You Need

Once you obtain all this information, choosing the best dumpster for your project is a short step away. You just need to be sure that your numbers adhere to the square standards for the dumpster you choose, and that it will be enough for you to dispose of your debris.

To ensure that you’re getting the perfect size dumpster for your roofing project, reach out to Century Waste Management. Our dumpster rental professionals in Warren, Michigan, can provide you with the information you need to make the right choice for your personal project.

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