When going to use a rental dumpster, you want to be aware of the dumping restrictions, as this is crucial to a successful project. Not only do dumpsters have weight limits, but many renters don’t allow for trash to tower past a certain point. This is why it’s essential to learn how to fill your dumpster rental efficiently.

Layer Packing Materials Along the Bottom

If you’re going to throw away any cardboard, Styrofoam, or plastic wrapping, it’s important you place these items along the bottom of your dumpster first. Since these materials are flimsy and easily broken down, the items layered on top will squish them flat. This creates more room for you to fit additional items without needing to rearrange things.

Bulkiest Objects Make Up the Dumpster Base

After your packing materials, you should then identify and place your bulkiest throw-away items in the dumpster. This will help with packing down the padding at the bottom. Arranging things in this way will also create a perimeter of space around the heavy items where you can place a series of smaller objects.

Break Down Trash Items

To fill up the remaining space, be sure to take the time to break down your other trash items so they can fit in the gaps between larger pieces. This allows you to fit more in the dumpster by making things fit where you need them to.

Fill Furniture with Additional Trash

If you’re throwing out large pieces of furniture with compartments, you can also conserve space by filling the cabinets and shelves with more trash. This ensures no dumpster space goes to waste and no clutter will be able to fall out of place.

As a dumpster rental service in Troy, Michigan, at Century Waste Management, it’s important to us that you have the tools to get the most use out of your dumpster. From the time we drop off your rental dumpster to when we pick it up, we are here to answer any questions you have about organization and protocol.

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