In 2018, the Joint Center for Housing Studies predicted that “homeowner spending on improvements and repairs will approach $340 billion.” This amount would be “an increase of 7.5 percent from estimated 2017 spending.” With more individuals taking on home-improvement projects every year, these numbers will continue to rise. Along with this, an increased number of homeowners will have to deal with the aftermath of their projects. Discover how to properly clean up after a renovation project.

Remove Large Debris and Clutter

After the renovation crew finishes the project, they don’t always take everything with them. Often times, homeowners find that they’re left with piles of debris from their project. From broken roofing tiles to drywall pieces, this clutter can prolong the process and prevent you from getting your home back to its normal state. If you still have any leftover debris laying around your property, consider renting a dumpster to dispose of it.

Wipe Down Walls and Furniture

After the large clutter is gone, it’s important that you wipe down any surfaces that have been collecting dust during the project. Home renovations, especially ones that include breaking down or building walls, tend to release a continuous amount of dust that can gather on all your home’s surfaces. To rid your home of this dust, take some time to thoroughly wash the walls, furniture, and floors.

Vacuum and Wash Fabrics

For your rugs and fabrics, it might be more effective to vacuum out the dust rather than use soap and water. Unlike your walls or floors, dust can become trapped between the fibers of fabric surfaces. This can make it more difficult to clean your fabrics so it’s crucial that you’re prepared to vacuum several times to ensure your efforts are effective.

Clean Your Vents and Replace Filters

The air quality in your home is going to be at its lowest during and after a home renovation project. Breathing in the dust as it cycles throughout your home can cause you to develop allergy symptoms. As such, it’s crucial that you properly clean out your ventilation system. For this process, remove the vent covers and clean each one with warm, soapy water. To catch any remaining dust, be sure you replace any dirty filters as well.

If you’re trying to get rid of debris from your latest renovation project, Century Waste Management has just what you need to get your home back in order. Our dumpster rentals in Warren, Michigan, will help you dispose of whatever’s keeping you from enjoying your newly remodeled property.

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