Are you considering renting a dumpster during the coronavirus crisis? Do you want to know if dumpster rental companies are working? Are you worried about your safety? This article will address all of your concerns.

The coronavirus pandemic has caused a lot of uncertainty across all spheres of life. States and towns have enforced “stay-at-home” policies and although it’s not an ideal scenario, it does raise some interesting opportunities. Let’s take a break for once from the hectic pre-corona lifestyle and pay heed to the overlooked areas of your organization. It is a good time to dispose of all the junk.  

Since these initiatives are dependent on trash collection companies, you would be glad to know that these companies, including dumpster rental providers, are serving home and business-owners dutifully. Keep in mind that waste removal comes under the category of “essential”, so lockdowns don’t affect them. Similarly to how people need to go outside and get groceries and medicines, they also need to have their trash picked up. These services can also help you to nullify the COVID-19 threat from your workplace or home by taking out any potentially-contaminated trash.

But, with the presence of social distancing requirements, it’s extremely important to keep your distance from others. Here are some points to note:

  • You should do your level best to stay safe in these testing times.
  • When working from home, you can retain the same efficiency while sticking to the social distancing guidelines.
  • Most of the reputable dumpster rental companies, such as Century Waste Management, are open to business. These companies have adapted their workflow, which means that they don’t require any direct interaction with clients.

How Are Dumpster Rental Companies Working At the Moment?

Most of the dumpster rental companies have adopted the following work model.

  1. A client feels a need to rent a dumpster during the coronavirus crisis and initiate a conversation with a dumpster rental company over the phone.
  2. The customer representative helps with booking the dumpster, which is scheduled to be dropped at a work site or at home.
  3. After the client is done with their job and fills up the container, they contact the company for a pick up or someone from the company comes on their own on the scheduled date.
  4. Any billing or invoicing is processed telephonically or electronically.
  5. There’s no direct contact between the customer and the dumpster rental company.

Renting a Dumpster during the Coronavirus Crisis for Commercial Reasons

COVID-19 is a rare phenomenon. Regardless of how things may appear to be at a standstill right now, life goes on. Businesses can especially use this time to change the structure of their organizations. Here’s why you should rent a dumpster during the coronavirus crisis.  

1. Clean Old, Expired, and Contaminated Junk

Many of companies are using this time to remove all the junk, whether it’s an expired piece of machinery or old equipment. There are also efforts to weed out potentially-contaminated inventory opened packaging. However, the conventional means of handling these wasted wares is a thing of the past. You need to glove-up, toss away junk, and minimize touch points. This sounds a perfect job for a dumpster rental company. You can get 10-yard to 40-yard dumpsters to get rid of your entire junk.

2. Get the Junk Away from Your Site

Tossing away your junk with minimal handling is only the job half-done. It would be best if you also moved away from your site for safety reasons. Doing this by yourself can be quite a bit of hassle and with COVID-19, there’s an infection risk that you should try your best to avoid too. You cannot practice social distancing and protect your staff from exposure if you let them go to the local landfill and dispose of the trash. A dumpster rental company knows how to operate in these circumstances with safety measures. Outsource this job to them and ensure that your organization remains protected.

How Is Century Waste Management Creating a Safe Environment for Clients?

Century Waste Management has always focused its brand on customer satisfaction in Michigan. In light of recent events, we have expanded our efforts to meet the expectations of our clients. Our current mission is to build a sanitary environment that can help our staff, clients, and community productive and healthy. Here are our policies.

  • Clean and sanitize dumpsters at our workplace and the worksite of the client.
  • Supply masks and gloves to our workforce so they can visit the client’s site and drop/pickup dumpsters with the utmost ease.
  • Due to the increased risk levels at landfills, we have equipped our staff with medical-grade PPEs.
  • We have enforced a policy of washing hands with antibacterial soaps for more than 20 seconds before and after each job.
  • We have enforced a policy of applying 60% alcohol-based sanitizer to the upper arms and hands. In this way, we have reduced the possibility of cross-contamination to a minimum.
  • We have instructed our staff to maintain the required social distancing from both the clients and the public.
  • Any member who has been out of the country is being asked to self-isolate for 14 days. No one is allowed to meet them during this period.
  • It is prohibited for any staff member with the COVID-19 symptoms to visit the workplace or client’s site. Anyone with the mildest of flu symptoms has been instructed to stay at home for at least two weeks and get a clearance from a hospital before coming back.
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