Our country’s population is growing steadily every year. In fact, according to World Population Review, “As of 2019, the state of Michigan has an estimated population of 10.02 million.” With these many residents comes the increased generation of trash in their homes. As a result, many households partake in annual purges where they get rid of any extra items around the house and organize to make room for new things. But despite this tradition, many still find themselves wondering what they can throw away in a dumpster and what they need to dispose of differently.

Household Trash

Typically, people use dumpsters for common, everyday trash. This includes everything from standard food and paper garbage to extra clutter taking up needed floor space. However, individuals often find that some of these items can be difficult to get rid of. Whether you’re keeping them due to sentimental value or the urge to fix what’s broken, it’s important that you let go of these items to have a successful project.

Furniture and Toys

Homeowners will also throw larger pieces of trash in dumpsters. Due to their varied sizes, dumpsters are the most preferred method of disposing of large furniture pieces and plastic toys. Even if the dumpster is bigger than the pieces, this ensures that the waste management company can effectively transport the trash to a landfill.

Construction Debris

After you partake in a home improvement project, you’re often left with various types of debris scattered across your property. Some of these materials include tile, roofing, cement, wood fragments, and siding. You can properly dispose of all these materials in a dumpster as it will remain contained to a portable space and out of your way.

Yard Waste

To make life even easier, you can throw your summer grass clippings and hedge trimmings into a dumpster. Though this waste disposal method depends on the regulations of your area, it’s still allowed in most dumpsters. Keep in mind that whoever provided the dumpster may limit you on how much yard waste you can dispose of. They may also require you to use a specific kind of dumpster for it.

Electronics and Appliances

Though it might seem strange to throw away a computer or television in a dumpster, these things are commonplace in most landfills. It’s important to remember, however, that you need to first remove any toxic liquids or batteries dispose of them separately. This will prevent these items from leaking and contaminating the surrounding objects and soil.

Century Waste Management’s dumpster rentals in Troy, Michigan, are exactly what you need to get rid of the items mentioned above. Our various sized dumpsters can transport all the above items, so you can ensure your home will be clean and organized.

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