Clawson, Michigan: Home to Pleasant Rides and Delicious Things To Eat

If you are looking for a place to spend your weekend, Clawson is the perfect destination. It’s a quaint town just outside of Detroit that offers scenic views and delicious things to eat. Clawson, Michigan, has been called home by many notable people, including Joe Louis, born there in 1914. Clawson is sure to have something for everyone with plenty of family-friendly activities and more than one brewery! Learn information about Sterling Heights, MI.

Clawson, Michigan, is a small town in Oakland County with a population of just over 10,000. Clawson has been home to many things throughout its history. It was originally settled in the mid-1800s and served as a stop on the Grand Trunk Railroad line. Clawson is now known for being home to Pleasant Rides Cycles & Fitness Shop and Clawson Deli – both of which have received rave reviews from Yelp reviewers! Discover facts about What to Do in Birmingham, Michigan.

Clawson has been home to Pleasant Rides and other car companies since the beginning of the 20th century. Clawson also boasts some delicious things to eat that are worth stopping for! Restaurants: Clawson offers restaurants like Bavarian Inn Restaurant & Brewery or Black Walnut Cafe. You can enjoy scrumptious breakfast dishes or hearty dinner entrees such as Chicken Bryan and Pot Roast respectively. Don’t forget dessert because there’s plenty of options too at places like The Sugar Maple – Bakery & Candy Shoppe; Clawson Sweet Shop; Uncle Joe’s Ice Cream Parlor, or Tasty Treats Grill.

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