Exploring The Clinton River Park North in Sterling Heights, Michigan

Clinton River Park North in Sterling Heights, Michigan, is a quaint little town that is filled with outdoor adventure sports and recreational activities for the whole family. The scenery surrounding this famous town is some of the most beautiful in northern Michigan. Access to this park can be had by taking a short trip on the train, which will bring you right into the heart of downtown Sterling Heights and the beautiful Vermilion Strip. The riverfront park is open year-round, although the best times to go are during the winter months when the snow doesn’t melt all that fast. Even though the winter months are prime for skating and other outdoor winter sports, you still have many opportunities to explore the park and its neighboring neighborhoods. Learn more here.

The closest large body of water to the park is Lake Michigan, so there are many opportunities to wade, boar hunt, or just sit and enjoy the park’s quiet from a comfortable vantage point on the shore of Lake Michigan. Access to the Clinton River Park North in Sterling Heights, Michigan, also allows you easy access to the rest of the downtown area. The Houghton Brown Farm, a restored nineteenth-century farm, offers visitors fascinating information about the food and life around them in this small town. The accessible walking paths along the lake are well-maintained and safe to navigate. Learn more about  Wanda Park in Sterling Heights, Michigan – Cool Location to Spend Your Time.

Sterling Heights is an outstanding recreation destination with a wide variety of cultural attractions, family-friendly entertainment, and fantastic outdoor weather. The lake provides an ideal place to paddle, fish, take a walk on the nature trail, or just relax and enjoy the peace and beauty surrounding you. The Houghton Farm is also a great destination if you’re interested in antique farming machinery or if you want to have some fresh produce delivered to your doorstep. The Clinton River Park North provides access to the town in Sterling Heights, Michigan, so come on down and get out of the city’s hustle and bustle.

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