The world has come a long way when it comes to waste management. The average person generates nearly 0.74 kg of waste a day. This ranges from 0.11 kg to 4.54 kg per person. That amounts to nearly 2.01 billion tons of waste every year. While the world has a long way to go when it comes to waste management, several management methods have emerged.

This is partially due to the need for efficient waste management, but also due to environmental concerns. Simply dumping waste wouldn’t serve the entire community as a whole for very long. Though destructive waste management methods still remain today, more waste is recycled and disposed than ever before.

1.    Recycling

Recycling counts as one of the best waste disposal and management methods due to the environmental damage that it limits. Reusing materials such as tin, paper, plastic, and glass help to reduce the carbon footprint and saves money for disposal programs. This has led to the development of special baskets and labeled trash containers.

The method of recycling is both economic and has various environmental benefits other than reducing carbon. It preserves resources as well as the beauty of the natural environment by reducing landfills. It also saves the government money when it comes to waste programs. It also creates jobs and can earn a lot of cash. To do your part, you can deliver recyclable waste to the nearest recycling center.

2.    Animal Feed

While it’s not healthy to look at your pet as a waste disposal entity, it is one of the best things animals do. Rabbits, hamsters, etc. will feed on scraps that you give them. Dogs will chew on large meat bones. Livestock can also munch on leftover food. This will ensure that with regards to food waste, your pollution is down to a minimum.

If you have a farm then this option is even better. You’ll be helping the environment by recycling hundreds of kilograms of waste every single day. The best kind of animal for waste disposal through animal feed is a pig. They feed on just about anything. Animals are great for reducing the amount of waste that a single household produces. You don’t even have to own animals. If there is a farm nearby that you can go to, you can come to an arrangement with them.

3.    Biological Reprocessing

One of the best methods in use for waste disposal is composting. It’s great for dealing with organic waste including shredded paper, onion peels, vegetable and fruit skins, and fruit rind. These can all be great sources of mulch for your garden. In fact, you can even accumulate this waste and sell it to a local farm or a garden. You can treat these materials through biological reprocessing and reuse them as you wish.

There are several techniques you can use for composting waste. For example, there are ways to turn waste into useful fertilizer for your garden or for industrial use. The methods differ totally when it comes to the end use. Other than creating mulch or compost, you can get waste gas for electricity generation. This can be done in waste management plants or through biological reprocessing.

Compost can actually be used to improve the quality of soil by enriching it with elements like nitrogen and potassium. It can also be used to improve its water holding capacity and tilth.

4.     Landfills

Landfills are pretty common in the outer limits of big cities. They are used to dispose of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of tons of garbage every day. It’s one of the most common large scale methods of waste disposal in the world. It involves several trucks from around the city collecting and dumping trash in designated land. The trash is then buried in those vacant spaces.

Authorities usually make sure that the design of those landfills is effective when it comes to sanitation and economical use. Landfills are still a major source of health hazards and environmental impact in several societies. To begin with, gas originating from landfills is very hazardous.

5.    Incineration

Incineration is a type of waste disposal which involves combustion or burning. This used to be very common in US households in the 20th century and is less common now. Another name for this waste disposal method is thermal treatment. This type of incineration is now conducted at a much larger scale at industrial sites. It can also be carried out at individual sites, though it is much less common.

A lot of countries have scarce land and so they prefer the incineration method. Mostly poor countries without resources to carry out more efficient and environmentally sound ways of waste disposal resort to incineration. The downside to the method, which is quite obvious, is the air pollution it produces. Out of all the waste management methods mentioned here, incineration is probably the biggest polluter.

While some waste disposal methods listed here are better than others, they are all effective.

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