We’re living in a world where innovations and improvements to the most mundane processes have become the norm. Trash management is one of them. You have solar-powered robots roaming the Baltimore river picking up trash, and solar-powered bins compacting garbage.

Not only are these technologies extremely efficient at collecting trash, but they’re important for the environment. Without these technologies that go the extra mile to make trash collection and waste management easy, it’s not possible to effectively counter the issue.

The future of waste management doesn’t just belong to a more efficient piece if technology though. It belongs to more efficient communications, better recycling, and more environmentally friendly technology.

1.    OnePlus Systems

This is the first in a long line of trash bins that monitor trash levels on this list. OnePlus systems build an ultrasonic trash can sensor that lets you know how full the waste container is. Their platform, Wasteforce, lets you easily monitor that capacity from anywhere through cloud servers. Hence, your business can track your waste from anywhere.

The complete visibility afforded through this cloud platform helps reduce costs that come with overfilling. Fuel emissions can also be reduced through this technology since it can optimize trash pickups.

2.    Ecube Labs

Ecube Labs makes solar-powered trash compactors for countries in North America, South America, and Europe as well as the Middle East. They provide eco-friendly waste collection compactors for a lot of sectors. Their solar-powered trash compactor is called CleanCUBE. It can hold up to eight times more garbage than normal compacting bins. It, therefore, reduces collection frequency by about 80 percent.

Another one of their products is the CleanFLEX which is an ultrasonic fill level sensor. It helps waste management companies increase collection efficiency by up to 50%.

Other technologies that come from Ecube Labs include an integrated management tracker for their fleet of collection trucks. They also supply a cloud platform called CleanCityNetwork that makes garbage collection more efficient. Through a monitoring system, the network forecasts when the bins will be completely filled and sends out trucks accordingly. It helps to optimize routes for trucks, uses data analytics to find out where more compactors are needed, etc.

3.    Compology

Image-based trash can sensors are a specialty of Compology. This helps to monitor how full the bins are and what the contents are within it. The bins also feature a GPS tracking device that can optimize driver routes and fuel efficiency, as well as tilt monitoring. The GPS tracker also records when a container is picked up and put down. This makes a huge difference to the efficiency of trash collection.

The smart waste management technology system allows for roll-off haulers to manage container inventory. What that means is if trash is reaching full levels regularly in certain areas, more collectors can be supplied there.

For garbage collection trucks, optimizing routes is already a plus, but the Compology bins can even send text messages. Hence, the drivers can accept orders through those automated messages and get to places that need quick service. The software installed in the bins also detects which containers need service every single day and incorporate that into routes.

4.    ecoATM Gazelle Kiosks

ecoATM has supplied various malls and large retailers as well as grocery stores with its kiosks. The company offers instant payments for old electronic devices as well. The waste collection system is a great option to manage e-waste. It has helped to divert 14 million smartphones and tablets from landfills.

The kiosks allow customers to bring in their old phones or tablets or even computers so they can be recycled. Some are even refurbished for sale. Customers can also trade in their devices to receive a quote based on their condition and gadget type.

This is incentivizing trash disposal in a responsible way. Not only does it give citizens instant gratification when they recycle, but it also encourages compliance through a reward.

5.    EvoEco EvoBins

The EvoBin is a smart garbage bin that can tell you which trash can is full and should be composted, or recycled. Not only that, it tells the garbage collectors which organization is appropriated to recycle or compost the garbage.

When an object is tossed into the bin, the system detects any change in weight and triggers a customizable message. The screen on the bin displays this message which can be modified to show items that are typically tossed at your venue.

Hence, the bin serves as a way to inform the public of how they can more responsibly dispose of their trash.

6.    Bin-E

Bin-E is basically a smart waste container. It has the ability to recognize, sort, and compress waste using a camera and other sensors built into it. Combined with some powerful artificial intelligence, it can recognize the shape, material, and color of the waste. This includes the most common types of waste like paper, glass, and plastic. However, it also recognizes metal, and cloth as well.

After the recognition, the bin can compress the volume of the trash collected so that it is five times less. This allows five times the total amount of trash that could normally fit into the bin to be collected. The obvious benefit here is that more trash can be collected than normal.

However, the other benefit is that more trash per trip can be deposited at garbage dumps and landfills. That means less fuel is wasted on every single trip to the dump. Also, the compression that the trash undergoes saves a lot of space that could otherwise be occupied in landfills as well.

Bin-E doesn’t just compress the trash it recognizes; it also tracks it. It can send data about the collected waste to an information repository where businesses can use that data. Uses include identifying consumer consumption patterns and the determination of eco-friendlier options.

Any of these technologies can help to not only speed up trash disposal but make it more efficient.

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