Do you know a relative or close friend who is into hoarding? It’s time to hold an intervention and ask them to mend their ways.

If you have made up your mind to make a difference and force your hoarder friend to clean up, research the psychological disorder and get help if needed. Around 5% of the global population shows clinical hoarding behavior or struggle due to obsessive-compulsive order (OCD).

After you are done with addressing their disorder, take concrete steps to perform a cleanup of their home. By the end, you are going to need a dumpster rental company in Michigan, so do contact Century Waste Management and schedule a roll-off dumpster to pick up your trash.

How to Spot Hoarding

What if your friend doesn’t have a hoarding disorder in the first place? What if he or she is just too lazy? Read about the condition and assess whether your friend struggles from the disorder. Typically, hoarding disorder can have a social, emotional, and financial impact on the sufferer. Therefore, check whether they struggle with the following issues.

  • Don’t use their rooms for the intended purpose.
  • Feel too attached to items, even those that offer no sentimental or monetary value.
  • Own possessions that negatively affect their health, hygiene, or safety.
  • Continue to add to their hoard without admitting that they have a problem.
  • Experience anxiety when they are asked to throw away stuff, even if it is filthy garbage. .

Difference between Collecting and Hoarding

There is a misconception that collecting and hoarding are similar. There is a major difference between hoarding vs. collection .i.e. the mental state of the person varies during both activities.

Let’s consider collectors first. They have a sense of pride in whatever they collect. They cherish it by organizing it mutinously and put it on display in a tidy manner. Collectors are mature enough to follow a budget while adding more stuff to their collection. They also practice good financial practices to avoid getting caught into a debt trap.

On the other hand, a hoarder is embarrassed about their accumulation of possessions. Despite not finding enough confidence to put their stuff on display, they just can’t part away with it. Over time they adopt poor financial habits and go into debts in order to support their unhealthy habits.

Supporting a Hoarder in the Cleanup

You can and clean and organize the home of a hoarder after following these steps.

Throw Away the Trash

Before you get rid of all the clutter, you will need to have an idea of what can be done. If your friend is a hoarder, it’s likely that both inside and outside of their home have a large amount of trash piled up. Assisting them throughout the cleanup can take much of your time and require you to strive hard.

Create a Plan

After all the garbage is taken out, create a plan to complete the rest of the cleanup process. This plan can consist of a timeline where you proceed with a room-by-room strategy or partner with your hoarder friend to split up the work.

Define Junk

If multiple people decide to clean a home, it’s necessary to set a definition of junk—what is it and what isn’t. What might seem useless to you could of greater importance to others. For instance, you grab an old movie DVD and attempt to throw it. However, it’s possible that it turns to be the favorite action movie of your friend’s collection. Therefore, discuss the matter with the homeowner and make a list items that can be thrown away. 

Group Items

The real work begins after elimination of the garbage; determine what stays, what gets donated, what gets sold, and what gets loaded in a roll-off dumpster truck. Group similar items for this purpose. We have shown how it’s done in previous posts. Reach out to us to get advice and tips.

Get Realistic

In some cases, people refuse to throw away their belongings because they believe that their collection or jewelry is more valuable than they actually are. This is why they latch onto stuff that offers no value. Show your friend the true worth of their belongings so they don’t hold onto worthless stuff.

Declutter Regularly

If you are tired of cleaning up the home, make sure that such vast amounts of declutter are not produced again. Throwing needless items before they add to your clutter can ensure that your cleaning process becomes more manageable.

Contacting a Dumpster Rental Company in Michigan

When it comes to hoarding scenarios, a dumpster rental company can turn out to be your best friend. It helps you to remove trash and junk in bulk. There is also an option to hire a junk removal company, but note that they cost twice as much as a dumpster rental company. Therefore, a better strategy is to rent a roll-off dumpster truck. An average hoarding project can be handled by a 10-yard or 20-yard dumpster truck easily. However, if are involved in a larger cleanup, then you might have to rely on a bigger truck—around 30-yard or 40-yard to dispose of your junk.

Before setting out to perform a cleanup for hoarding, plan ahead, and get in touch with Century Waste Management. Our experts will make sure that your cleanup goes smoothly and you can successfully fix the hoarding habit of your friend or relative.

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