Home renovation and remodeling projects can lead to the production of bulky waste. But the problem with the disposal of bulky waste is that the neighborhood dumpsters are not large enough to hold it. Also, the municipal waste collection department or contracting company will not pick up this bulky waste for disposal. It will remain on the site and gather dust until someone from the Department of Public Works knocks on your door and fines you for illegal dumping of bulky waste.

Facts and Statistics on Illegal Dumping of Bulky Waste

  • Globally, around 100 million tons of waste is dumped illegally in the world.
  • In the USA alone, around 1.5 million tons of waste is dumped illegally every year.
  • The dumping of small waste like plastic bags and cigarette butts are not counted as illegal dumping.
  • Only large deposits of waste are counted as illegal dumping.
  • Dumping of waste material or items that weigh more than 15 pounds or 27 cubic feet is counted as illegal dumping.
  • Illegal dumping of bulky waste usually takes place in locations like woodlands, alleyways, vacant lots, and waterways (rivers, streams, or lakes).
  • In Detroit, the fine for illegal dumping of bulky waste is $500.

What is Bulky Waste?

The household waste that is too large and heavy for the routine waste or garbage collection by the city’s waste collection department is termed as bulky waste. Bulky waste is usually produced as a result of home construction, renovation or remodeling project or when the family is making a move.

 It is in such situations that the family will discard old, heavy, and large household items electronic appliances (TVs, refrigerators, freezers, microwave ovens, computers, etc.), furniture (couches, sofa sets, tables, desks, beds, mattresses, etc.), and construction materials (wooden window frames, sanitary fittings, metal sheets, glass panels, etc.)

How Not to Dispose of Bulky Waste?

Bulky waste should not be left for collection by the city’s waste collection and management authorities, along with your day’s household waste. The municipal waste collection sanitation workers are not responsible for collecting your bulky waste. They will collect the rest of the trash and leave the bulky waste untouched, in the hope that you will dispose of it in the right manner.

Bulky waste should not be disposed of in the neighborhood dumpster or dumping site. The bulky waste such as furniture, electronic appliances, and large wooden, glass, or metal panels just remain there for days gathering dust and rotting until someone who is need of money will take it to a recycling plant or junkyard in exchange of money.

Bulky waste should not be dumped illegally in an empty lot, in a woodland, in or near water bodies, or in small, dark alleys at the end of the neighborhood. The illegal dumping of bulky waste on such locations is hazardous to the health of residents and wildlife. It causes harm to the environment and can result in a heavy fine if you are caught and tried by the city or state’s administrative authorities.

Bulky waste should not be burned in your backyard. This is against the laws and extremely dangerous. You could end up burning your whole house down. Moreover, the smoke from the burning bulky waste can be hazardous for health and cause an inconvenience to the neighbors.

How to Dispose of Bulky Waste

There are quite a few methods for getting rid of that bulky waste from your home and backyard. First, you must be able to evaluate whether the bulky waste that is of no use to you now is in good condition or not. If the bulky waste is still in a reusable condition, you can opt for the first two options.

1.    Sell It

If your old furniture, electronic appliances, and other household items are still in good condition and can easily be sold as second-hand goods, then why discard them? You can sell these items and make some money out of it. There are plenty of houseware, furniture, and electronic markets that accept second-hand goods and can give you money in exchange of the items.

In Detroit, Michigan these are some of the stores that accept and resell used furniture:

In Detroit, Michigan, these are some of the stores that accept used electronic appliances and devices.

2.    Donate It

In case your household items, furniture, electronic appliances and other bulky goods are not in a condition that they could be sold as second-hand goods, then you might want to consider donating them. There are quite a few donation centers, shelters, orphanages, charities, and thrift stores that accept goods for donation. You can contact any one of these places and have your bulky waste picked-up or dropped off.

These are some of the places in Detroit where you can donate your old household goods, furniture and appliances.

3.    Call a House Clearance Company

House clearance companies help you move and remove your furniture, houseware, and belongings. These are not garbage collection companies. Neither are these house moving companies. A house clearing company helps you declutter your house and get rid of the bulky waste. They either purchase your old and used goods from you and directly sell it to a shop, arrange an auction for your household items, or sell it directly to the customers.

These are some of the house clearing companies that offer their services in Detroit, Michigan. They will help you get rid of your bulky waste.

4.    Call a Dumpster Rental Service

And if selling, donating, or auctioning your bulky waste is out of question, then the best idea is to see the services of a dumpster rental service and have your bulky waste chucked in and taken away. Dumpster rental services provide you dumpsters of different sizes that can be used to transport your bulky waste to off-site recycling plants or landfills. The items that can be recycled will be sent to the recycling plant, and the ones that are non-recyclable will be disposed of at the landfills.

Century Waste Management at Your Service

At Century Waste Management, we offer dumpster rental services for bulky waste collection and disposal. Whether you are in the middle of a home renovation project, are relocating to a new place, or are constructing your house or business space from scratch, our dumpsters can help you get rid of that bulky waste.

We have dumpsters of 4 different sizes; 10 yards, 20 yards, 30 yards, and 40 yards. You can rent the one that suits your needs. Our trained staff will come to your location, collect your bulky waste and take it to an off-site location for safe disposal.

For more information and dumpster rental, you can call us at +1 877-909-1001 and get a quote today.

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