Wanda Park in Sterling Heights, Michigan – Cool Location to Spend Your Time

Wanda Park in Sterling Heights, Michigan, is a small-town community that is nestled in the northern part of the state. Wanda is on the rise as a new community, having been established in the mid 90’s and rapidly growing to a population of around eighty to one hundred thousand people. This growth has created its own set of challenges for the community’s residents. Many newcomers come to live and work in this community without having the know-how or resources available to them when they first arrive. As a result, Wanda has developed some very efficient and popular services for its residents, including an Information Line for newcomers and residents, a free legal clinic that provides free regular consultations, health care and social service programs for low-income residents, a small town watch, and a small town newsletter. These and many more services have helped Wanda become a thriving community where people are striving hard to mark the world. Click here for facts about Sterling Heights, MI.

Wanda Park in Michigan has managed to keep its small-town feel despite its rapid growth by keeping its core values strong. It means maintaining a strong respect for the law, substantial educational opportunities for both kids and adults, and a safe environment for all who live and work in the community. The community strives to maintain a high standard of personal hygiene and cleanliness, seeks to eliminate dirt and graffiti from its streets, and tries hard to keep a low rate of crime. Click here to read about  A Look at the William Aldrich Upton House Museum in Sterling Heights, MI.

The warm and friendly people of Wanda Park in Michigan also go out of their way to make residents’ lives a little easier. They know that a person will only live as long as they feel comfortable and secure in their surroundings, and so try their best to give each resident the best life possible. Residents can take advantage of free medical clinics, affordable daycare, free meals, and even free health care services. All these and more are offered by the residents of Wanda Park in Michigan.

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